Monday, July 09, 2012

utmost good fart!


mind your food. be very careful when consuming any wind-related food. jackfruit, tapioca, yam, cempedak so on and so forth. when you cross the number 40, the pre-cautionary action should also ignited. these foods can be harmful if being taken more than the usual rate. eat it, but lightly...and not too often. my two cents word - eat it just to get the ‘feel’...just to calm off the ‘urge’. I used to get struck by the wind pulsating in the body. the most hurting part is when that wind started to goes –up distressing the chest. when experiencing it for the first time, I thought this is what they call it ‘heart attack’. the abstinence was right at my heart...the chest pain.

bit relief when the doctor said this was only caused by the ‘wind’. the ‘heart attack’ was actually the ‘heartburn’. likelihood, the ‘attack’ if I may say was really painful. you feel the burning pain in the chest, your breathing was heavy....the tummy was in pain too. you can’t stand-up...most of the time I was bending while holding the tummy. you feel like you want to vomit, like you need to take the ‘big leak’...but once you sit onto the bowl...nothing really happen. I felt motionless, dizzy and sometime the pain is so unbearable. my body was in chaotic condition!

after taken the medicine, after everything has coming back to normal I then realize the cempedak that I took before that. the portion taken was quite huge....(well...I do like cempedak a lot!). I ate it with empty stomach...and to make thing worst, I don’t burp and I don’t fart after eating it. so, guys...yes! burping is good...and farting is also good, just be civilised when doing it. do it often but please in very well-mannered way. to all the farter out there just remember this when you’re about to release the ‘valve’, make sure it’s going to be your – utmost good fart!!


DrSam said...

Assalamualaikum. Yes the wind has no heart. When it goes up to our pinnacle and make one a kepala angin, this is even the worst foe ever. Anyway, a well-mannered farter is almost welcome anywhere in our uncivilised world - except in unventilated confine places such as a public lift.

Rozita said...

mmm..byk angin dlm badan, kentut je la keje nya nnti..ampun~

Maiyah said...


semput x bleh mkn ni..

Abd Razak said...

السلم عليكم ورحمة الله

Cempedak memang dijauhi tapi ubi memang suka...bila dah dilanda angin mahu 2-3 hari sakit kepala

dazz said...

w'alaikumsalam. kahkahkah...pengsan doc klu terlepas dlm lif tu..

ntahle...bila dah meningkat umur ni byk btul angin dlm badan ni..

w'salam. tak boleh mkn dah elokle dgn posa yg nak dtg nih

abd razak,
w'salam....huii klu sampai jd sakit kepala lg teruk kes 'angin'..semoga Allah sembuhkan sakit-sakit kita ni...amin.