Thursday, August 17, 2006

believe and confident


believe and confident. 2 normal ordinary words. we read it all the time, we saw it so often and we used to say it probably more than once in a day. how about the meanings? definitely it has difference meaning isn't? these 2 words actually is not words that we let them pass us just like that. they are special. believe - we apparently do not have problem when come to apply it in our normal everyday life. we believe in this, we believe in on and so forth. some will say they strongly believe and some would probably say they're not so much believe in whatever things that they supposedly to believe in. many difference level of believes.

actually believe is like a statement. a statement that we instill and we stick it into our mind. we would'nt questioning the truthness. upon to simply believe, it appears that there must be series of events has taken place where the results are all the same. or the series of tests we conducted (might be in our brain) has gave us one similar result. or the undevided undertandings that we got it from our God. we can easily do the 'believe' thing.

but what about confident? is it that simple and that easy to become confident. take this as example : we believe we can arrive in Johore in 3 hours...but are we confident enough that we will definitely reach Johore in 3 hours? some would say yes to this...okay. but there are some would say, " i don't have confident that the journey will take 3 hours to finish ". confident - is something that not that easy to apply comparing to believe. these 2 words actually need to be adopted side by side. if we strongly believe, no matter what we must also strongly have confident. we cannot strongly believe in whatever we're doing and at the same time do not have confident in it. or we cannot say we really do not believe in whatever we're doing but we confident it will bring success to us (actually you're confident to what?).

if we believe that the journey to Johore will be finished in 3 hours, we must have confident that the journey will end-up in 3 hours. if we really-really 100% apply'll see that the journey ultimately will take 3 hours. if we believe that God is the One who's giving us wealths and prosperities we must have confident that if we sincerely ask we'll get it from Him sooner or later. we would not be knowing the exact time but if we believe and we have confident...we (by His consent)will get it.....wallahualam