Saturday, February 09, 2008

the book we read


read any good book lately? I’m reading an interesting one now…to call it 'good' I guess I need to run it up to the end. the title is DNA of Success by Jack M. Zufelt. I’ll paste some clips of the content here later. searching for a good book most of the time requires a little bit of extra effort unless you got recommendations from your ‘reference group’ for instance our relatives, friends, lecturers so on and so forth. why do we call it ‘good? good for me is something that really-really suits us well. something that we can remember long enough so as later on all the methods can be put into practices without difficulty. this apparently is the best thing about searching and choosing a book. not like our text books whilst we study those days. we are so powerless when come of choosing. ‘they’ just need us to buy/borrow and then reading it! or to such extent ‘memorize’ the content. typically it doesn’t suits us but the 'syllabus'.

most of the book especially the self-development ones can easily be understood but at some point unable to transcend the method into our daily life. it even occasionally got stuck when come to matching it with our customs and religious. okay then, now back to the book that I’m reading…DNA of Success. heavy? scary? it sounds serious? please not to judge the book by its title or cover. it’s not heavy…scary and it’s not that serious. the books said that there are 5 flawed tools for success. 1 is goal-setting, 2 is motivational speakers, 3 is self-help books, tapes and seminars, 4 is affirmation, visualization and subliminal messaging and 5 is enthusiasm, passion, positivism, discipline. doesn’t this seem funny? as we normally know these are all the requirements in order to become success.

to explain why we should consider all the 5 tools flawed and not the other way around…I think you just need to get the book. sorry…can’t get time and energy to explain it here (sorry bro!...hope you understand my predicament). produce by Golden Book Centre and you can get it from any nearest establish book shops. this book doesn’t require us to go reading it by sequence as to understand what its content is all about. you can skip or flip thru straight to any subject matter that you want. I’m not promoting it…just free-willing giving you the recommendation. besides reading this book, I’m also in process of finishing the other book – Penyair Wanita Sufi:Rabiah Al-Adawiyah . insyaAllah, I’ll pen down something from that book into my next article as just to go along with the spirit of ‘sharing the knowledge’ (berkongsi ilmu)….wallahualam.