Saturday, February 03, 2007



here again, try to be hinky and trinky. cause lately...everybody are doing this and everybody like those whose doing this. if you are the tv-goers you'll see this. if you got the ears attached-to-radio type then definitely you'll hear this. hinky and trinky. hip-hop.!. coool bro...coool!!. but one thing we should try to uphold no matter what you’re doing is to know your ground. to know your stand. otherwise there’s no different between you and the rempit guys.

the different is the vehicle... theirs are the bikes, might be the blogs. yes, theres nothing wrong of being hinky and trinky...but if we doing it with no noble purpose, no specific decent reason...then we are being rempit. prettt...preeettt...preettt!!. that’s all we’ll be doing.

looking at those blogs, they try to put that hinky and trinky element so that they weren’t being called old and conservative. if that so, then they actually are worst than the rempit...or...they are the rempit guy who have lost. i’ve read many blogs, some of it being written using my god!....the out-of-this-world English standard not like mines. the highest standard above all. the content..almost zero concerning to benefiting others.

the shitty part…...they got so many people, fan or even supporter or whosoever with them but they fail to influence this people to embrace good and decent things to the world.

then...prreet!..prettt..pprreetttt...!! is that all that we want to do when come to writing blog? rewrite lyrics (its okay if there’s morale behind the lyrics), make public of the daily schedules and routines up to telling their sex life. if question why these things they jog down in their blog...i believe they’ll ask back the question of...why you read my blog? well...either we realize it or not one of the reason that blog being created is so that we can share things with others, we can improve our talent in writing or we can promote good values. if you’re thinking blog is the one you share with your self-being only, might as well don’t put it in the net. write it in a piece of paper and keep it to you...only you!

come on bro...this might be the best avenue we have. try using it for the good purpose; at very least you have created some ‘good marks’ in this world rather than just passing by and at the end the only ‘mark’ that people know you’ve left in this so-called wholly life is your ‘tombstone’...believe it or not, i'm always telling this to myself too...wallahualam