Thursday, February 01, 2007

FAITH....are we just playing with it?


have we ever wonder...that what actually the purpose of our existence? are we just the so-called product of our parent? are we being born just for the sake so that we could entertain, give-pleasure, treat, and care our own self-being? is there any other reason? again...should or shouldn’t we think of any other valid reason of our existence in this lovely world? think of our-self all the times, always without fail, each seconds.... if that so, are we really doing it perfectly, effectively and without focusing to any sideline-matters? a good sahabat once said to me, we shouldn’t patronized those who chose to be in the interweave long as they stick to it, they put their undivided effort and they confidence with it. the surety for them is there; it’ll lead them to whatever destiny they hoping to arrive at. at very least...they really have faith!

but what about us? the mr. nice guy whose now walking in the straight bright and clear route. are we holding the decision tightly, defend it, so determine and feeling 100% comfortable with it? are we? are we really-really trust with the route that we’ve chose? the sad part is that... down deep inside we know we’ve made a good decision. in the gut...we really assure that this route will lead us to the right destination, the ultimate one! though we don’t have confidence with it. we simply don’t have faith.

confuse? lets put it in this way…non-muslin whose worshipping their righteous effigy (berhala). as to us (muslim), this weren’t a right divine route. not now and not at all. we’ll (the muslim) know for sure, but without a single hesitation these people have FAITH in this their belief route. the route is the wrong ones but they still undoubtedly have a mountain-high faith in it. now back to us...the muslim, yes we have chose the rightful path...but we still lacking of confidence, we sadly don’t have FAITH. the non-muslim have FAITH in what they worship to, they become the loyal devotee. the muslim is doing the other things around..they worship ALLAH but they don’t have FAITH in ALLAH, they don’t want to become a loyal devotee to ALLAH. in fact some of us even...make fun of the dos and don’ts outlined by Him. always, all the times without fail, each second they worship ‘good intention would out-rule method that Allah’s forbid it’. you know what? lately this line has become the truthful religion to some of us (the muslim) – oohh....hell!!

FAITH. a single simple word that will create pattern to our life. that will direct us to the ultimate blissful place. it’ll improve our conscience, it lead us to have a ‘crystal clear’ heart. a heart that for eternity will acknowledge the greatness of ALLAH. the after-life judgments (as muslim) will also basing to our FAITH while living in this life. so, are we nurturing the FAITH so as it could help us at the hereafter or are we just playing with it....wallahualam.