Thursday, March 08, 2007

life, life, life and life


life is about choosing…thought there’s only one thing that what life is all about but suddenly there is a long list on this. life is about learning. life is about action. life is about thinking. life is what you're wearing. life is about eating right. life is about how much money do you have and the list goes on and on. ultimately, its end-up at life is about being alive!

guess what?, only when we’re alive that we ought to do things listed above. simple life….hehh, no such words! it pays to get that simple life. it began with the paying and suddenly after that you will get the list, the system, the program, the module or whatever you call it these days. follow the steps one by one and you’ll get what exactly that you want…living life in a very simple manners. apparently it is not that simple to get a simple life. its might sound funny but that hows the world work these days.

at very end, its so easy to say that 'life is simple' or living life is not a difficult thing to do. but again at very end....saying it is so much easy, so simple, no complicated formula involve....but when come on doing it - phiieeww!...some might be having wet armpits!!. looking at it, saying about it and doing it are three different things....wallahualam