Friday, July 06, 2007

a short story about 'dignity'


dignity. one word with thousand meanings. do we have one? I believe most of us do -but we seem to forget that we do have it. the numbers of people who intentionally try to forget that they have one are greater than the numbers of people who do it unintentionally. why so? actually because of so many reasons....the mother of all reason is ‘money’. they for go the concerns with their own dignity as long as money keep pouring-in. doesn’t matter if the boss want me to do something unethical as long as they compensate me well, what is dignity?....I’ll pay my ‘teh tarik’ not with dignity but with money. in fact this how’s the world works these days. for these people, not only they do not concern with their own dignity but they ‘play’ with it. they even make fun out of it.

okay now let’s put it this way, if we are alone and have to defend ourselves what would be the ‘one’? this is one hypothetical question – we are materially deprived, we don’t have family, we normally wandering all the times...if we suddenly being attack - again what will be the ‘one’ that we going to defend? even if we are in that vulnerable situation and the attacker instruct us to take-off the cloth we still reluctant to do...up to the point they threatened to kill us, still we try harder not to obey. taking-off cloth is equivalent to throwing the dignity down into the ditch...isn’t it? so doesn’t matter if you are in whatever state, always think of how to uphold your own dignity higher. your dignity is actually also involve with your heart’s strength, shyness and sensibility.

let’s give concern to our own it by doing so we might lose few things or even many things but our dignity is damn priceless than those things. it might be hard when come doing it (upholding it). possibility of people slam you is high, they might criticized your action so on and so forth. the truth is you definitely couldn’t satisfy every single person....but what you can do is to go along satisfying yourselves. only you know your ownself and, the dignity only have you to depend on. for others, the value of your dignity is nil...but not for you. defend your dignity rightfully (perhaps this can be the ‘last thing’ that you probably have) and uphold it higher - right where it belongs....wallahualam.