Friday, July 27, 2007

malaysia : the next generation


Akademi Fantasia, Malaysian Idol, Gangstarz, IKON, Mystarz, Celebreteens, Bintang Kecil and a whole lot more of this. where actually our future generations are moving to? hedonism suddenly becomes most important part of their life. who’s actually giving them the opportunity? the so called platform...and; who’s actually is encouraging them to seek this? to be part of pursue this as their solid-bright-dependable future? WHO? I’m not trying to discard the fact that youngsters like music, like to enjoy themselves up, to search fun things....I’m not against it, because I use to be ones. I know. but there’s a very big gap between ‘putting effort searching for it’ with ‘everything has been laid before the eyes’. a damn big gap.

my oh my, if this lovely cultures continues and the media keep on banging in something like this for the sake of getting the ratings up, and the parent keep on endorsing their children to seek and involve in this, and adding some more to that....the relevant bodies unable to control or manage things like this; can we imagine what will apparently happen to our reliable future generations? this is as exactly what the saying says “there will be time whereas the westerns will look upon the orients while the orients do the same towards the westerns”. the orients tend to lose-up their traditions, the glorious history of the ancestors, their soft-but-firm practice in dealing with things, their outstanding manners concerning to living in the community, their demeanor in finding fun and enjoyable affairs and also tend to lose grip in their local customs and ethnicities.

who will basically inherit the cultures from us? and I’m not talking about inheriting our ‘way of life’ yet. I know religion is best practice whenever the person understands it rather that just inherits it from their kin. here, I’m putting this in a very simple substance....or we go one at a time. if this lovely next reliable generation of ours is busy in impressing the singing, dancing and presentation jurors in whatever reality show...and their, relative and friend were so busy showing the support by lifting the placard then whose actually can we trust when come to upholding, preserving and promoting our priceless traditions, values and cultures? WHO? one of my friends got this from one of our soldier who was sent to Bosnia. the soldier said Bosnia is about 10 years in development ahead of us and the nation destroyed while the people were so busy treating hedonism, they neglected their priority in life and they started to disbelief in God, and now look what has happened to them. sadly, slowly we are taking the similar route as Bosnia....and are we dare enough to face as what they’ve faced?....wallahualam.