Friday, September 07, 2007

cute guy 'smeagol'


incidentally, I came across to once again catch Lord of The Rings: Return of The King. it’s been aired last night and honestly it never stops to amaze me although it’s my third or fourth time. it’s still one of the movies that interest me a lot. the one that fascinate me most is how on earth can the writer come out writing such a story and the character that keep my brain pounding due to its outstanding and full with surprises role in the storyline is definitely the “smeagol”. its ever cross to my mind that the writer use to read Malay literature or myth because that “smeagol” probably is his version to ‘dogol’ – a funny character normally being mention in Malays comical literature. infact even the names sound almost alike!?

well, smeagol might be my favorite character but my favorite scenes in this third saga are one when the Nazgul – the great warrior of darkness being killed by a lady and the other one is when the King and its people bowed, kneeled before the four hobbits. the latter probably superseded the former as the scene that I like most. this scene gave so many messages. it portrayed that though the hobbits are small but to the King they’re not. the King knows how ‘big’ the hobbits are concerning to their contributions and sacrifices. the King never patronized the role they’ve played. the King went on with his status-quo bowing to this little people and called them ‘friends’....ooohhh, what an intriguing moments!!. as for us...we’re so messed-up doing the opposite. we so use in giving ‘title’ to the others (though we haven’t mention it verbally!!) but the treatment tells it all. 2nd class people, 2nd class friend, 2nd class student, VVIP, VIP, so on and so forth.

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I’m not worshipping the western movies but the effort, creativity, research and time spent are the one that I adore most – undoubtedly. we can learn this and I believe somewhere here, someone is doing the learning. I believe in our strength and creativity too. giving a time, support and money....sooner or later we’ll come out with one too, same goes to the writer. we’ll have someone like that JRR Tolkien. we should never stop believing, not even in this area but in whatever area especially if it for the benefit of the mass. ‘believe’ is one thing but have faith in what we believe is another thing. so lets ‘believe’ and have faith in what we believe as this will keep us striving to be the best. hidupp smeagol!! hehe...heh...wallahualam.