Saturday, September 29, 2007

....all are because of Him


its been 17 Ramadhan, how is it? great is it? loss few inches of the waist line? allriighht….. another 13 days to raya. I shared the spirit with you guys, the ‘raya’ spirit. happy and looking forward to it but that actually wouldn’t be the thing that worry and sadden us more. it would be the Ramadhan that is leaving us! ‘raya’ is important but ‘Ramadhan’ is more and more important. Ramadhan is not just month but it’s the month of everything. its might be hard at the beginning but we’ll fall in love with it at the later stage…just be brave to be open and you’ll have it. me too. adjusting the schedule is the one that really gave me the heck of a time…but now I'm adjusted already! and getting used to it. alhamdulillah the whole family has undergoing the same.

Rasullulah and sahabat even cry when reaching to 1st Syawal and definitely not because of ‘raya’ but because of can they being given another opportunity to see the next Ramadhan. that is how they value Ramadhan. it’s the most sought-after month for us the Muslim. it is where the Allah’s rahmah, forgiveness and the potential to be freed from hell’s torments being placed. all we have to do is to grab it. for all you know…if we taking nap during the daytime, we’ll still being given the pahala by Allah. that’s why I for sure will nap not only once a day but few times a day if got the chance doing it..hehh..hehe! it’s the pahala guy…the pahala!!

let’s fill-up the next 13 days with the ibadah and devotions to Allah up to the max. it might be our last Ramadhan. doing so I believe is still too little comparing to what Allah has granted us. stay stun for a while and look around us. it’s all given by Him. the health, the material, the kids, the parent, the career, the car, the time and last but not least the LIFE. its all came from Him. the ‘strength’ to lift hand to do the takbir is also came from Him. all given by Him…so lets do the best because of Him for this coming another 13 days of Ramadhan. also not to forget to stay awake and alert exclusively to get the night of the Qadar…..wallahualam.