Tuesday, October 30, 2007

chasing our own shadow in 2008


new year is just around the corner, approximately in 60 days time we'll be meeting it. what exactly will be waiting for us? nobody knows. will it be our 'glorious' year?, nobody yet could determine it. the tiny turmoil has already started. I believe everybody has sense it. the new toll rate and the new petrol price. enough with this two things first...scaryness has already there. this two things are the most influencing factors to our economic condition. undoubtedly, everyone knows about it.

I'm not trying to make this issue bigger, because its already big. by god's help we manage to go thru 2007 and definitely we'll still asking His help in order to get thru 2008. my oh my, its definitely a scary one and I even got few friends that already making their finger crossed! hoping for a bright and shiny 2008. a people-friendly year. for the low-income group, not even crossing fingers but they've done the same to their legs!! I might be wrong here, but this happen partly due to our intention of to quickly become a developed nation.

yes, we need to develop. we need the infra. we need to be at par with the 'big players'. but at the same time we don't want our people to suffer. the price just to damn big for the people to pay. what we really need is to close the gap between the rich at the poor first. otherwise all the developments, the infras, the technologies will only be consumed and occupied by the rich - the group that already has everything! give priority to this first, let all level of people in one line first so when the 'fruit' comes they can all together able to 'taste' it fair and square.