Tuesday, November 27, 2007

is it difficult being young?


it’s been a while since my last article here. well, partly because of the hectic schedule, the chaotic life and another part might be because of the ‘feel to write’ hasn’t come yet. yes, sometimes it took me quite a while just to come up with even half-a-page article.

so many things have happen recently, but this time around I merely want to touch on youngsters and a bit on sport. clash of titans, clash of times – Pete Sampras, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Richard Gasquet these all are big names in world of tennis. have you seen the games? quite entertaining heh?! it’s a good effort of brought in these players here…indirectly it might boost-up the interest especially for our youngsters to have taken the same steps. to be like them - living in the fast lane, challenge and pushing their own self to be the greatest. we sincerely look into our youngster to emulate this not even in tennis but in other any areas as well. Roger Federer might be the world number one currently but he has to always live-it up to the standard in order to sustain the title. it’s not an easy task considerably other player that hunger for that ‘spot’ are mostly younger than him. but somehow, I believe he’ll survive at least another year or two.

in F1 too, the youngster are making history. Filipe Massa, Raikonnen and Lewis Hamilton they are still under 25 years of age (if I’m not mistaken). yet, they all have developed the desire to be the number one. we need this ‘spirit’ to be adopted by our youngsters. on the contrary, sadly, our beloved youngsters has shown interest in other demeaning areas such as ‘rempit’, freesex, gangsterism, ‘lepak’, so on and so forth that lead to chronic social illnesses.

the coming generations or our youngster are the ‘real’ assets of the nation. they are the one that will hold and direct the future of our nation. what we has done so far was uphold, promoted and well-treated the ones that has shown their talent. we safe-guarded them, pampered them and nurtured them really well. yes, they’ve shine thru but what about the ones that don’t have talent or the ones that haven’t found their so call ‘talent’ yet? will we neglect them?...are we really being fair?...wallahualam