Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the 'magic' of sardine


it’s so amazing what a tin of sardine can do! my youngest kid got one tiny problem when come to eating. the foods she normally won’t refuse are candies, chocolates, chips and ice creams. after a few weeks long of poor health condition now she has begun to recover. everything seems back to square-one. the active side of her has started to appear back. she’s back in disturbing and harassing her brother. running, singing, putting ‘marks’ on the wall, shouting, jumping (just mentioning a few) are artistic things that she’s back doing it. as for me and wife…the ‘old’ headaches has also started to reoccur…but yeahh!!…it is good and friendly headaches! the ‘devastating’ headaches is whenever the kids are not feeling well.

so, back to eating habits. this, my youngest one does not really keen on eating something better than the ones that I’ve listed above. she’s not into eating serious and nutritious food. she simply dislikes it! but yesterday…I came home earlier and while waiting for their mother to come home I decided to cook them rice and few dishes including one of it - the sardine. during dinner’s time I then put rice into her plate plus-in the half-strip of sardine. with crossing finger I asked her to sit next to her brother and eat whilst watching TV…side to each other.

surprisingly she ate her rice without showing any rejection and after that asking for another strip of sardine. if the brother is the one who asking for additional extra rice and sardine that would not surprise us…its really pulling our legs whenever it was her. I’m not saying sardine is a nutritious food, it’s the rice. for adults they should not eat too much rice too frequent because the carbohydrate component in the rice can possibly stimulate diabetes. but it’s a totally different case for kids…they need this for the growth. doesn’t matter how much rice they eat especially for skinny kid like mines...the ‘activeness’ that they normally have can usually help them burn back the carbohydrates and turn it into energy. by watching my youngest munching, chewing and eating the rice with sardine, something has struck my intellectuality that’s sardine were actually belong to ‘magical’ group of animal or rather 'magical' group of food….wallahualam.