Saturday, March 01, 2008

it takes two to tango


with the exception of certain ‘exclusive’ things – if you ever notice most of the things or matters in this world normally works or happens in pairs. white-black, rich-poor, short-long, fast-slow, buyer-seller, friendship, employee-employer relationship, contract awarder-contractor, marriage and the list would I believe go infinite. ‘it takes two to tango’ is what they call it these days....I went to a meeting a few days ago scheduled to be started at 12 noon. including me, seven of us already arrive at the venue as early as 11.30am. then the unpleasant feeling started to hit us...from that 12 noon until 12.40pm nothing happen...and we continue waiting – patiently. no one could actually approach us and saying something about the delay. finally, they moved us to a meeting room at 1.00pm. again we still need to wait for about 20 minutes more...apparently, we still doing the ‘waiting game’ only this time at the different room! I don’t know...they might be thinking that if we wait at the new or other room...we probably could wait in a very cheerful manner! one thing for sure…nothing about ‘waiting’ can cheer me-up...NOTHING!!?

I’m not expressing my grievances just that unbelievably this sort of thing still very much happening these days. they want us to be ‘professional’ but they haven’t done the same thing towards us. they want us to value them significantly but yet they haven’t done that towards us. I’m very much sure that they know that we’re not machine or robot...we’re the human. doesn’t ideally a human should treat another human fairly. it takes two to tango...isn’t?? fairly doesn’t meant asking ‘for a sky’ or special treatment.

plus and minus 10-20 minutes is acceptable...or up to 30 minutes is still acceptable, but when you have to wait for an hour and 20 minutes knowing that the so call VVIP person who will chair the meeting is already in his room...I believe this can be called as an act of ridicule. it is a mistreatment. GOSSSH!!!.... my reading why this thing happen is because the person who normally mistreated the other person when come to occasion similarly as this is....the person who holding the MONEY. they got money...and to them if we want his money - this sort of treatment is a pre-requisite!! oh these type of people, I just can’t say much about fact I’m not a suitable person who can say they’ve done a wrong thing but they should know one thing - ‘what goes around comes around’....wallahualam.