Monday, August 11, 2008

chasing that one million's gold


it’s a one intriguing waiting…to wait whose will be the Malaysian first Olympian to come home as a millionaire. I don’t know about you guys…but I already feel the pinch. this will be the greatest rewards ever from our Government to the athlete. they should somehow try to grab it. they should push themselves harder. a million ringgit is surely enough to make them style! or to make them continue with whatever sport they’re dealing with, but for fun sake only...except for the pure patriot! we don’t know whether the same rewards will apply for the next Olympic. I believe no one could assure this.

so, this will be the right time. get that Gold. make Malaysian proud. Thailand already has one gold…if I’m not mistaken through the boxing. nothing’s impossible. for team-played sports for instance the volleyball, basketball, rowing or hockey we might find it difficult to prevail due to the physical build-ups (ours are relatively smaller compare to them) but certainly it would be a different case concerning to individual-played sports like fencing, archery, swimming, badminton, equestrian and in any other games similar to this. we can get an edge if we train harder, if we master the skill and if we keep on practice and taking part in other sport events, international or domestically. I believe sportsmen were nurtured not born.

for our sportsmen, we’re putting our hope to them. we’re hoping they can make-shine Malaysia in the eyes of the world. the color of the medal apparently could represent this. it isn’t us who going to get that million, we don’t actually get anything other than the proud-feeling whenever the Negaraku being played. that’s about it! still, we will stand behind you....guys, giving support as long as you’re full-heartedly thriving for the best. eagerly we need you to bestow 'the best' to Malaysia and maybe ‘the best’ ever for your own goodself. but if you fail after the never-say-die battle, still it’s 'a win' to us. we will still cherish you, we will still support you and we will thank you....wallahualam.