Saturday, August 09, 2008

the Dark Knight has come...again!


do not bring your below 10 years old kids to watch the latest Batman. I repeat do not! it's a one violent movie. yess...obviously this is my opinion. few days back just got chance to watch it with my wife (no kids accompanying us...heh!). during that time it’s already been screened for 2 weeks, by reading the reviews we then decided to go and watch it. I do agree with what the reviews said that this is the best Batman ever. I believe I haven’t missed any one of it and comparing to the others, this is the longest. the most exciting and the most with the complex plot. not so much portraying the gadget mambo jumbo....just the bat mobile, the bat pod (the bike that come out from the bat mobile) and the blades that could came out from the gloves. the Dark Knight is likely more humane this time around, more affection...the emotions can easily get touched.

still he is the utmost savior of Gotham City. he fights well, he kiss pretty okay, he 'listen' to Alfred the 'immortal' butler and he still a good-looking-most-available bachelor in Gotham City. Batman moved into the big screen I believe is to entertain not only kids but also the 'kid' inside the grown-ups, but lately it’s more in impressing and pleasing the grown-ups to a certain extend where its no longer suitable for kids (especially for those below 10). like I said, the plot for the latest ones is utterly complicated that I even got 'lost' few times, luckily got wife to do the briefing.

the villain? none other than...the scariest-unpredictable Joker of cause. maan, this latest version of Joker for me is also the most 'lively' ones. the most vicious and merciless! out of it, I and wife still manage to enjoy the movie. we enjoy it whilst enjoying our own-without-kids quality time. it’s apparently a good movie, I'm giving my full recommendation for those who like to watch movie but don’t know which one they should be choosing. I'm also giving a full advise of please do not bring your below 10 years old kid together. just wait for the 'Wall-E' that’s coming this school’s much safer though. oh well...just can’t wait when will the 'Kluang Man' hit the big screen...wallahualam.