Tuesday, March 10, 2009

remembering Cherating


it started with little hiccups, it went on with a bloom and it ended splendidly. that was what I can say about our latest trip to Cherating. as usual when there’s a long off-days, people are looking into spend it somewhere else other than the town they’re living in….we’re included. so, the jam would be the hiccups. everything after that, were flowing smoothly...alhamdulillah.

hmm...mcm tak pernah jumpa air!

after makan memang senang sikit nak senyum!

one thing about Cherating this time around was the foreigners were lesser, so much lesser. at the hotel we stayed there’s probably about 7-8 ‘mat saleh’ were seen. at ‘kampung budaya’ (also in Cherating) the number was so little. hardly you can see them walking or hanging around at the local gift shops and caf├ęs. according to one of the hotel staff that I manage to have conversation with…it’s been like this since last November. he said when they ask one of the foreigners staying in their hotel it all might due to the unpleasant news about this country that being spread in the net. oh well...that was what they said.

fresh 'kepok lekor'...baru lepas gelek broo...!!

ole-ole from Cherating.

glancing back to our trips’ itinerary - the kids were enjoying the pool, while the parent we really enjoying the locals’ food. fresh keropok lekor, keropok keping, satar, nasi dagang were definitely in our food list. undeniably, the seafood too was so fresh. there’s not so much thing you can do during the night especially for family like us, enjoy the dinner than back to the room. but during day time, you can go to Kuantan or Kemaman or walking by the beach…swimming and collecting the corals. letting the time flies slowly should be the mission when spending the off-days. obviously, for some folks this seems not so much ‘extraordinary’, but for the ordinary’s like us…as long we can spend it in some other mean rather than staying at home…it’s already awesome….wallahualam.


Tie said...

Ooo...cuti2 Malaysia rupanya...

Awat senyum tu sikit bebenor ??

Banyak gak shopping barang tu...tak makan ikan celup tepung ke ? Kat sini, tie biasa gi pantai teluk ketapang (kat gong badak)...ikan pari celup tepung sedap gak, laju je makan sebab tak de tulang, he he...

Yunus Badawi said...

Glad to hear that you and your family had a splendid time in Cherating. Next time you are there you might want to explore watching the fireflies in Kg Ibok, Trengganu. Its not that far from Cherating for those adventurous souls.

arsaili said...

salam..wah itu senyum kekenyangan tuh..ahaha

ku tak sempurna said...

sedap ke kepok lekor tu??
boleh lawan ganu punya ke??

pssstt... kalau ko suruh aku teka gambar kepok tu aku tak dpt teka... nasib ko letak caption... hikksss

nahmy said...

alaaarr...jln2 mkn angin sikit je selaras dgn bajet yg juga sikit2 tu..

pak YB..
i'm considering that kg ibok next time when we're there again.

itulah yg dikatakan senyum 'mengah..hehehe..

cik kutaksemp..
sempurnakan sikit penglihatanmu itu..hehhe..

DrSam said...

salam persinggahan,
the photo of keropok lekor really make me wanted to go back to my hometown, Ganu kite.

Cherating is really a nice place for a family breakaway.


sodap koropok lekor tuh...!

nahmy said...

terima kasih krn sudi singgah...I pun rasa byk bebenda 'best' kat Ganu tu...bukan setakat kepok lekor

bro Maz...
perghh!...mmg sodap bro...lelebih pekne dgn sos buatan org kampung tu...