Monday, July 06, 2009

following the routines


how far can we go without the routine? will we be accomplishing our plan to the fullest without it? what does this 'routine' has to do with our life? to me it has to do with everything. be it whether its the hourly, daily or the entire life plan. I can't simply ignore it and I believe neither you. just picture you going to work without the morning bath, without brushing the teeth or without 'ease-up' yourself first. yes, you still be able to do what you've plan to do but will you be really enjoying it? I got doubt if you say 'yes'...but I don't deny there's some of us able to.

it's not that you neglect your freedom by doing the routine. in fact it enhances your living standard. it injecting the satisfaction into the plan you've accomplished. it created meanings. if we've been so coupe-up with the routine, we'll found that it's no longer troubling us. it'll be carried-out naturally or what these day people say - "lets the sub-conscious deal with it!".

we have 2 type of routines. one created by others. another one is self-created. no troublesome in following the self-set-up compare to the one set-up by others. nevertheless we still need to go along with it for instance like the pay time (gaji) or like perform Solat. 5-times daily Solat is a routine ibadah...or if you zoom into the Solat itself you’ll see that it’s been constructed with routines. we can’t perform the Solat with ruku’ first for the Zuhur, then with takbir for the Asar.
it doesn’t work that way.

routine will guide us; will discipline I said earlier it’ll give the true meanings to whatever things that we’re doing. yes, routine is not applicable to certain things like when withdrawing your savings from the ATM (time, day & place - please do not make it as a routine!) or like playing football - you can’t attack from the left-side three times, and then from the right-side for three times. this is not what routine is all about. the routine in fact for these two examples, is to be un-routine! so, just be smart about it...or just make it as a routine on being smart. wallahualam.


Zaidon said...

Salam... best entry ni

Anonymous said...

Sesuatu yang dibuat hari2 akan menjadi suatu kebiasaan tanpa disedari.

Jadi, solat 5 waktu tu takkan dirasakan berat malah akan terasa kehilangan jika ditinggalkan walaupun satu waktu.

Err...betul ke apa yang mokcik tulis ni?

nahmy said...

w'salam...glad u like it & all the praises are to Allah.

betul sgt tu la kak, cuma nak masuk makam (level) 'terasa ringan lakukan solat' tu sangatlah penuh ranjau...

Anonymous said...
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DrSam said...

in daily life, if we do our routine chores day in and day our, life could be very boring and so predictable.

But in doing our ibadah, it is good to make it a routine with strict discipline.

ku tak sempurna said...

The less routine the more life.

tapi dlm hal yg WAJIB, no compromy.. have to follow...

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine...

Basuh Baju said...

hidup ini mmg penuh dgn rutin..

nahmy said...

dr sam..
how true it is doc. cuma dlm dok buat yg rutin tu (yg bukan ibadah la) kita selit-selitkan sedikit elemen tak rutin tu...agar tak dull.

cik kutak semp..
yepp...rutin kekadang pun boleh syok juga...tak rutin pun boleh syok juga..cuma kena pandaile.

basuh baju..
bab basuh baju mmg dah kena rutin..klu tak berbau baju tu bila dipakai.