Saturday, September 25, 2010

seriously, not too serious...


why your articles are not touching any serious issues? or for a least bringing up a much-a-talk issues? a friend in one gloomy day did ask me once. serious? much-a-talk issues? should I really giving prominence to this? for his sake...I did that. I’ve ushered him to my previous article. not that he forgot to peek into my previous just that....he just knew that I’ve blog.

I tend to agree with him and fully aware about it. I purposely did this. it doesn’t mean that I put on definite halt...I might touch it once a while. I just need to lessen my writings. the reason is my brain is pretty small. I don’t want to burden it with those heavy...and difficult-to-find-solution issues. in fact, to write on this requires crystal-clear state consciousness plus the top-notch brain condition...or simply put - let the experts handle it!

I rather use this small-brain of mine to adore artistic matters that normally comes with its own unique-intrinsic values. pertaining to writing, I believe in reminiscence suave things. it suits me well. it’s not something like I write then people just read it, but it’s more like people read...people discuss and people give comments. suave or easy-to-digest writings still got its momentous elements, its significances. it makes me happy producing it and hopefully the other will feel the same way too. as what they said, it’s not the content of the’s more on 'how' you put it! wallahualam.


Abd Razak said...


Bila bawa isu yang panas memang komentarnya nanti akan panas juga kan!

Bagi saya agak berat, kalau boleh tidak mahu membebankan diri sendiri

maiyah said...

boleh aje kalo bleh handle

abah aman said...

salam nahmy,
Tak payah berat-berat. Macam selalu-selalu tu sudah cukup menarik.

salam hari raya nahmy (ucapan yang terlambat).

DrSam said...

serious matter...let serious people handle it. Could not agree more with you. We are cool be cool!

nahmy said...

tuan razak..
betul tu...kita bersantai dlm bertukar-tukar pesan dahle

kita jd selective-le sikit kan? bukan berenti terus

mcm syoq codoque tu kan abah?

dr sam..
i'm with you doc. rest & relax - larr...kan?