Saturday, April 05, 2014

kids : can we live with....or without them?

Raising children is not an easy task – its difficult. By not having even a single child is also difficult. If these two statements  were ask over to any married couple, which one would they probably choose? Having children or not having children? I believe most of the married couple might choose the first one. Me too. The difficulty of not having children is far more greater than raising children...but its difficulty due to what actually? Doesn't that when there’s no children to raise meaning there’s no extra expenses to dealt with, less responsibility, less work and off-course less headache. Aren't these what every couple want?

I believe (its might not be right), the difficultiveness is due to the moment when dealing with emotions and human biological needs. Children as you may know, will decorate your life...either in good or bad ways. Concerning to bad ways...well...we willing to take chances aren't we? Human are like that. But let us talk about first thing first – decorating your life. We was born alone, then we passes our school days..our learning era, then we start working. After that we get married...after got married what will be next?...exchanging stares between you and your significant-half. Up to what extend that you think you’ll be able to do this?

The difficultiveness (or “something doesn't feels right” feeling) would eventually kick-in when you start experiencing distressness with the boredom, the silence and the routines. Hence, the words,”would it be nice if there’s kid around” begin to exist. But all this definitely are not applicable to couple with less biological needs. They just care less about all this...some of them would say having children is nonsense. So be it...aren't people got right to express their own school of thought? As for us, when raising children become more and more difficult...our escape plan....would get more children!..heh..heh..heh...



Mizz Aiza (Dunia Kecil) said...

anak-anak pastinya menjadi permata hati ibu bapa.. membesarkan anak-anak pada zaman kini tidak sama dengan zaman kita dahulu.. kini anak-anak banyak terdedah dengan media sosial yang boleh diakses tanpa sempadan dan pelbagai gadjet..

Umi Nazrah said...

salam singgah. membesarkan, mendidik anak2 sekarang memang mencabar. anak2 lagi cepat cerdik. memang kena bersedia mental fizikal

Anonymous said...

anak2 merekalah racun merekalah penawar...mmg x leh hidup tnpa mereka lah for KA