Sunday, June 03, 2007

self-renewal, lets do it...


lets discuss about 'self-renewal'. is it a new terminology? for certain people it might be..... self-renewal means keeping the horizons wide by becoming versatile and adaptive. self-renewing individuals are not trapped by routine, fixed habits, and attitudes. as years goes by we make the scope and variety of life so narrow. is there any specific reason why we do this?....or we do this by nature...without knowing it, it just happen automatically. we stick to one thinking, our mind become made-up, the opinions seems to stick to one dot only....ultimately it might froze there!! we might ending-up imprisoning our ownself.

lets renew ourselves. individuals who are self-renewing are capable of accepting and giving love. the joys and sufferings of those individuals we love help enrich our very own lives. forgive and forget should be our every seconds practice. love and friendship able to force us to have a new perspective and help dissolve the rigidities of the isolated self. so, by all means find love and by all means nurture the friendship you have while finding the new ones.

researchers have now ascertained that smile - even if it is force - triggered intricate series of responses throughout the body, all of which conspire to make us feel better. do not wait to renew can start as simple as by smiling!. do not wait until one bitter experience happen in order to renew ourselves. lets do it now or never. a philosophy Andre Gide said, "we cannot discover new oceans unless we courageous to lose sight of the shore". the real setback or tragedy of life is not in being limited to a few talents, but in the failure to use those talents.....wassalam.