Tuesday, August 07, 2007

what goes around, comes around = 'karma'


have this ever cross to our mind? what goes around, comes around = 'karma'. I tend to agree to this.....may be not much, but yeahh...I do. the best thing about this formula is that its resulted obviously when come to bad things. for instance, when we do bad things to others, sooner or later you'll get the bad things back...if it not sudden apparently somewhere in the future. or if it not you might be your kids or your next generation will get it. as a Muslim there's a word call 'kafarah'. it also goes something like the above formula...only thing this one come straight from Allah due to our wrongdoings to the others or even to Him. in fact to make the above formula or for any other formula works, still it need to be granted by Allah. we might say it differently according to our perception and belief but as a Muslim anything and everything actually come from Allah. as simple as that. as firm as that.

so, be extra careful when saying or when doing things to the others even to our own kids because what goes around comes around. scary ehh! well...as a humble person I can think of 3 ways that can possibly avoid this from happen.

1. you talk less - because words is sharper than sword. people can easily become an enemy to you once they get offended by your words. they can get angry with what you've done to them...but "get offended" and "get angry" are two different things...I believe you can do your own interpretation here. being offended is related to 'heart', and the formula can trigger well when the heart is full with hatreds.

2. empathy. always picture yourself in other people's shoes. this will definitely able to guide you from expressing something that might make people dislike you....and avoid them from cursing you then....and finally might avoid you from getting the bad things back. being empathy is definitely meant being 'mr. nice guy'. basically, nothing's wrong with that.

3. pure intentions. things said with a pure kind intention will protect you from being harrass by the bad things. you can be that vocal and outspoken and you seems like a hard-tempered person but if down deep in your heart you intentionaly meant well, than believe me...people you spoken to wouldn't get or feel offended easily. without you knowing it they might say that....all that are actually your style of giving advices or talks...wallahualam.