Friday, May 09, 2008

the kids, the fight...the General


"adik buat tangan camni lepas tu ikut apa abah kata". "adik janji…adik janji, takkan usik barang abang….takkan usik barang abang". "lepas tu adik letak tangan kat sini," – placing that right palm ontop of my chest right at the heart’s side. adik just followed….I made her said the pledge. this happen just recently….just got the idea to do this after hearing grouses and mumbles from the 'abang'. I believe (even though not all but) most of the family which got children has this sort of issue. brother-sister disturbing each other, making fun to each other, teasing and shouting to each other…it’s something like world’s renowned phenomena. there’s no end to this, no one really cares and it’s just no weird thing about it. it’s just normal. in fact I’m too getting along quite well with this…it’s just normal. sibling’s disagreements are not new these days…it happen in every family, every minutes and days.


I got my share during my younger days…I used to shout and become mad to my sibling. I don’t recall I did it a lot but yes…it pretty sufficient. surprisingly, when we grew-up this thing seem to fade away…slowly and untraceable. this could be because of being too occupied by creating-our-own future, raising our own family along with no longer staying under one roof. I doubt wiser and maturity has played a big role here…maybe a bit laaa. one thing for sure, it’s now our children’s time to fight, argue and shout to each other, to their cousins and siblings.

as parent, we never interfere when our kid’s fight. they’ll back playing together minutes after their fight. we’ll only stop them from hurting each other…and this very rarely to happen. if the siblings still fighting whenever they’ve grown…the fight will normally become more nastier, more disastrous, more gruelsome…and they’ll probably move to other zone that is 'hatred' and 'vengeance'. to end this only the 'mom' can do it. mom is the X-factor, the UN...she got the veto power. the family bonding can be really a catastrophic one, if mom weren’t there.


"okay, dua-dua berdiri lepas tu tabik kat abah,"...asking my kids to put-up hands and salute me. abang suddenly voice out why they’ve to salute abah?. "sebab…abah ni Jeneral tau," answering to abang's question. he..hehe..heh..and there they are, saluting me as the General…but this is the kind-hearted type of General. yeahhh!!...wallahualam.