Monday, April 20, 2009

we’re still their kids….


we went to my parent’s home last weekend. normally, we do this fortnightly. but for the last 3 weekends we’ve been pretty busy…my eldest with his ‘Bengkel Sains & Matematik’ on every Saturday while me was on ‘studying’ and ‘practicing’ the soon-to-launch project (need to get hang of the system beforehand). nevertheless, if things like this happen, I would often used phone to compensate our visit. mom was ok except for her knee & loneliness, dad…as usual was busy with ‘surau’ and his sport channel in Astro. one of my brother and his family were also there too (good for you bro for giving mom & dad the new TV!). the next day, another brother and my youngest sister has also arrived. the more the merrier! this has definitely tackled away a lot of mom’s loneliness. infact, the grandchildren has played a big role concerning to this.

being at my parents’ home what I normally did was having chat with mom on either serious or suave-typed-matters, either on family-related or on some other non-family-related issues. most of the time, dad was also in the scene but for dad the best chatted topic would be on politics or sports. in other words,the main agenda would be on listening to my mom’s grouses on her health condition and loneliness. she felt the loneliness just because we (her children) were not around, well…she doesn’t put it verbally but we can ultimately see it by the gesture. it seems that, all this has put me into one perspective. that is, even if we still have our life-companion around, but when we were at this stage (i.e. my parent’s stage)…it’s simply insufficient. we still somehow need our kids to be around to get rid of the loneliness and maybe the boredom too.

I’d also started a mini-project just to make dad got something to do during hisfree time (mom was 110% agree with the idea!). luckily he feels good about it and has also helped me during the set-ups. in fact after about 2 months, mom and dad has already tasted the end result. alhamdulillah and good for them! it’s the least that I can do for them for this current time…maybe the better ones is coming, like taking them for a long holiday or even for Umrah…insyaAllah & wallahualam.


Anonymous said...

Hmm....bila difikirkan tentang orang tua ni, rasa sebak je... Untunglah nahmy boleh gak jenguk2 sekali sekala.

Tie ni setahun sekali je boleh balik jumpa mak dan ayah. Leceh sebab bila cuti sekolah, hubby susah pulak nak ambik off....kena sabor je laa.. Tie pulak tak sampai ati nak tinggalkan hubby sorang2...nanti dia pulak yang monyok.

Akhi Farid Rashidi said...


Saya baru saja lepas menumbuk sambal belacan bersama asam pedas ikan..:)

DrSam said...

projek penanaman hidpronik memang popular sekarang ni. Semoga projek berjaya dan mendatangkan rezeki.

iina said...

Tgh fikir2 nak masak asam pedas ikan salmon.. tgk cili tuh segar bugar jek.. tgh mood nk makan yang pedas2 nie

wanhamery said...

Allah cipta buah2an dengan pelbagai rasa.. ada pedas,manis,masam, pahit..ada pahit+manis, masam+manis dan pelbagai rasa lagi..semoga kita sentiasa mengingati kebesaran Allah.

nahmy said...

takpe tu sbb bagi isteri tgjwb pd hubby yg paling utama. insyaAllah akan Dia berikan kelapangan utk menjenguk org tua tu..

brother Farid..
kat sana belacan pun ada yekk?

teknik tanaman tu dipanggil 'fertigasi' doc bukan ok le tuh

mak aiih...ikan salmon?? terhingin nak rasa tu...

syukran atas ingatan...dan persinggahan ke teratak haticeria