Thursday, August 23, 2007

becoming more mature and wiser...


I’m not talking about biological maturity (or if I’m not mistaken...they call it puberty?!) but when exactly does we feel that we are really mature and wise? when we were 15? 25? 35? 40? or 50? or even 60? difficult to say? is there a person who’s never mature and wise? or is there a person that never really bothers about this? well....I doesn’t know about you out there but I feel mature now. wise? that ones too. I probably would say that this is my turning point’s everything I do and in everything I say. I feel great. I feel lively. how do we know that at certain age or certain point of time we has actually matured and wised? this definitely is one hell-of-question is it? principally I don’t think there’s a person when he’s at the age of 13 or 14 he would say to his friend or to people around him that he will be matured and wised at the age of 25....he would not surely know that. on the contrary....he might eagerly try to buy-out his friends by saying that he is then matured and the point of saying it.

in reality, if we softly-cracking our lovely brain just to amplify the thinking ability we would probably know that there’s no a crystal-clear indication in knowing our maturity time and same goes to becoming wise. we are all mature and wise then.... as it should be at that time and we all perhaps more mature and wiser now. a 12 years old boy will possibly more mature and wiser than the other boys, be it that the other boys were few years older than him. the chances he is more mature and wiser (in whatever he is doing or saying) than the others are there. when he is 18 of course he will be more knowledgeable than when he was 12, but is it ascertains that he is more mature and wiser? the answer....??

okay, suddenly we know that there are apparently 2 type of matures and wises. one is mature and wise linking to our inner strength (conscience, mindset, creativity or whatever...) meaning we might be more mature and wiser today compare to yesterday or whenever we are 18 compare to when we was 13, or the other way around. the second one is that we can be more mature and wiser compare to the others albeit we’re in the same or difference time zone with them. so, is there possibility that our kids are more mature and wiser than us? again...the possibility is still there. it always has...and we without doubt need to upgrade and update ourselves every seconds of our life so as somehow or rather we able to stay ahead. ahead of our kids, of the others and definitely ahead or our previous self....wallahualam.