Saturday, December 29, 2007

2007 has come to an end


what a tragic end of 2007?! the assassination of Benazir Bhutto has tell it all. its really a chaos out there but what we can all do are hoping and praying that everything should be resolved soon. these are the very least that we can do..together. by now, hopefully we should already know that whatever bad things happen or any sad or unfortunate things has hit bad and disastrous it seems we could not at any given chance blaming the year. 2007 has nothing to do with it. it just merely a year! all that are our learning curves, our 'preparations' in facing the coming years. it make us more skillful, more wiser and more tougher. when the goings get tough, the tough gets going...remember? and in order to become more tougher 'these' would be the pre-requisite - facing the 'unfortunate' events (i definitely feeling uneasy in calling it 'unfortunate').

if we list all the unfortunate things that we've experienced we might one day become so depressed, stressed and then fall into sick. past is past. let the bygone be bygone. yes, we need to picture it sometimes but we need to do that with a specific our 'preparations' as I said earlier so we be able to manage ourself when more or less similar issues occur. anything that has happen to us has its own 'intrinsic values', we might not be seeing it right after it happen but after a while we'll see it.

be positive and cheerful...(as I usually told myself). everything happen with a purpose, with a reason...believe me. the only 'superpower' that know this is Allah the Almighty. He's the 'superplanner'. He doesn't create the word such as 'unfortunate', 'bad', 'fail', 'unlucky' or was us the human being. for Him all are good and the same thing should likely goes to us too. if it doesn't rain we call it as a 'good weather and when its rain we call it 'bad weather'...why so? we know when its rain only by then we'll be having 'water'. aren't water is one of the vital thing that we need most in life? if He doesn't trouble us why should we 'taking so much effort' in troubling our own goodself? why?......wallahualam.