Friday, December 07, 2007

special people called 'neighbour'


went to a ‘kenduri’ last night. the new neighbour has moved in, a few houses next to ours. it’s a wonderful small-size ceremony with wonderful food and people. it’s been a while since I managed to get mingle with the neighbours. I missed the one that they made for Aidilfitri & Deepavali but this time I was there. although not all the neighbours attend the ‘kenduri’ but I considered this a success as long as the familiar faces able to know this new neighbour. we exchange stories while making jokes to each other. we keep-on refueling our sweet ‘tiny’ tummy while listening to others. we got to know the current issues; new info, the politic scenarios up to each others side of stories for instance number of children (…and numbers of wives!!). in short, we somehow are like updating each other in a very cheer and friendly manner.

thinking of that, the neighbours are actually the ones that we able to rely on whenever emergency things happen. the relative are definitely not as near as them. if we’re at our home and we shout ‘help’ the neighbour will be the first ones to come as for the relative or even the local authority such as the police we might need to use the phone. isn’t that convenience or what? we need to get so ‘close’ to the neighbor but at the very same time respect their privacy. a friend once said to me that we can choose whose going to be our wife but definitely we can’t choose whose going to be our next-door neighbour, how true it is!! if it happens we managed to get a nice people as our next-door neighbour than its okay but what about if the opposite things happen? a bit headache, but surely it’ll require us to do some extra effort…isn’t?

what method we normally do just to get intact with the neighbor? well…there are so many method that we can use but the standard ones are something like waving hand, a tap on the shoulder, a small chat and saying ‘hi’. certainly its doesn’t require us to pay anything to do this…yet the ‘returns’ are so great. we might not be having the ‘returns’ in a very short period but gradually, or in the near future we’ll having it one by one without we even notice! in what form will we receive the returns? it might come in the form of concern to our children, looking after our house (when we go traveling), neighbourhood watch and as I said before whenever the emergency things happen especially to our family. so, lets respect and well-treated the neighbour as they’ll do the same to us. as what they said “orang berbudi kita berbahasa, orang memberi kita merasa” and the other one “jiran sepakat membawa berkat”.