Sunday, January 13, 2008

eating is an art?....hmmm..


syeeannggrshhhh.....the sound goes more or less a little bit like this. the sound of my wife deep-frying the chicken. 1st you mixed the uncooked chicken with a bit of tumeric powder, salt and let it be for a while (2-3 minutes). then fry it into the hot cooking-oil. it is a normal-everyday recipe...and I believe everyone does know it. the smell whilst its being fried is something that can make your saliva druelling especially when you are feeling hungry! I don't know about you but for me enjoying the smell is far greater than eating it (particularly if the smell no longer exist whilst eating it). so as for me I have to eat it while the smell still there...or what they say...eating it whilst its still hot! it'll surely enhance my appetite.

are we need to 'enjoy' our eating? I think partly yes. some people do have eating problems...they can't eat even for a basic reason (to be alive). they need something that they can enjoy, by then they'll eat. but this group of people I believe can seldomly be seen. the larger eating group that will catch your eyes most are the one that 'eating is so joyful'. for them doesn't matter what type of food being served before them...everything just seem so delicious. they feel hungry most of their times. I too can sometime be concluded into this type of eating group, when I feel really damn hungry...the tendency of being 'choosy' has lessen. you'll eat whatever you can get. its normally happen to me whenever the time gaps between my meals is big.

those days, the food that I really 'enjoy' are whatever that being cooked by my mother...but now it's my wife cooked-food that I enjoy most. yeahh...certain exclusive dish still I need my mother to cook it. but as time goes by...with the technology-transfer being practiced within our family, who knows that dish can also be cook by my wife too. as to those who want their cook-food being 'enjoy to eat' by the people, first of all you just need to 'enjoy' the cooking. believe me...whenever you 'enjoy' your own cooking obviously people will definitely 'enjoy' eating it. it does feels good if you can cook while smiling?!!...wallahualam.