Friday, June 13, 2008

between the Euro and the Petrol


just hours ago the game between Croats and the Germans ended. the Croats has tamed the Germans by 2 to 1. a day before it was the Turks which has done the same towards the Swiss. what a game it was! the Turks won 2 to 1 by the last minute goal. a very entertaining game, though not as fast as when the Swiss met the Czechs.

that was the Swiss second defeat and they have become the first team to sign-off. they lost their first game with the Czechs and I think it is because the lucks were not really at their side. they controlled the game, they did their attacks and they even hit the goal bar few times…but yet they lost. the shitty part is that they lost it right before their own crowd.

I missed few games resulted of being too sleepy, just can’t stand it. I believe being a sweet-40 guy is something that got to do with it. the first day’s games luckily got my wife accompanied me. with the children have gone sleeps, we watch whilst chatting…we make the most of our own 'quality time'. the third thing that accompanied us was a pot of coffee. the game was so fast and the players were all so energetic and with the extra help from the coffee we manage to gone thru until the end.

soon after we found out that it were not the coffee and pace of the game that keep us active; it’s the topic of our chat. it’s about finding ways on how to deal with the daily expenses that has gone ballooning. although we could teach the children to save the water, electricity and do smart-spending but definitely we can’t restrict on how much rice they ought to consume. same goes whenever they want to drink milk, chocolate, tea or whatever. now, it’s certainly our 'trying time'. unbelievably, all these happen were not because of our own act but because of ‘somebody’s act - somebody that wanted to be smart-aleck. so fortunate that I’ve already get used watching TV, the EURO2008 per say - in dark!...well as long as it’s ‘live’….wallahualam.