Sunday, June 08, 2008

petrol : an act of insincere


I strongly believe that this subject on petrol’s price hike has been touched by lot of people. in fact it’s an on-going issue right now. might as well for me to jump into the bandwagon…while it’s still hot, while it’s still being said as the most life-ruining factor at this particular time.

I can’t really understand the step taken by the government in tackling the petrol’s price issue. no more subsidy, that was what they said. subsidy only for the lower income group…they said this later on. the subsidy will be used to other things that will back benefited the people…they said this much later. we apparently had heard this before, aren’t we? mostly right after the previous hike….sadly what we have actually get? where’s the people-friendly development? where’s the efficient-oriented public transport service? where’s the better-living standard for the rural folks? where?

now they back singing the same tune. hardly, can I understand it? if they really want the subsidy not to be manipulated by the rich what they should do is to impose the raise only to the rich…to those who’s driving above 2.0cc cars. don't impose it to all walk of life people and later on providing allowance to those driving below 2.0 cc cars (by the way, the allowance is far smaller than the hikes’ figure). they can ask the station to segregate the pump between the 2.0cc cars and below 2.0cc cars. in my layman view, this way seem more practical and definitely more sincere than applying the hikes cross the board and later on giving back the allowance (to those driving below 2.0cc cars).

looking to current world’s petrol price, I believe the people know that sooner or later our own petrol’s price will rise. but, increase by 78 cent is really burdening. the sadden part especially for people whose have family like me is whenever the price of all the sundries and groceries, daily necessity goods has also gone up. the price of sugar in our area as told by my wife has risen 40 cents more. my oh my...! I'm already shivering just to wait what are other necessity goods that will also be having the chain-reaction effect….wallahualam.