Friday, June 27, 2008

where have those pretty days gone?

assalamualaikum...and hi there!

snatch thefts, break-ins, robberies, kidnaps, car thefts, ATM hijacks and a lot more similar crimes are now multiplying. the rate might differ between places to another. I might not get the statistic but indeed there’ll be one in tomorrow’s paper. then, there’ll be 2-3 cases the day after. these thieves, robbers or whatever you prefer to call them are getting creative and bold nowadays. yess...they even use the excavator!! some of them hijacked the ATM in broad daylight, in a bank about a kilometer away from the local police station. they paint black the CCTV first! I guess for them...its all or nothing. what’s actually that has initiated them to be so daring? what’ll be the reasoning? and what does it transcend?

it’s the economy has gone bad (...and this is my reading). lot of companies is doing the laid-off instead of hiring. jobs are not that easy to get. the company that’s hiring has also become so particular. they like those with the experience better. if they taking the fresh, the number were so small, most of them were sitting as interns. the practice of publishing the job’s opening is probably as a publicity stunt for them, well…it might for the sake of to uphold their share’s value sky-high.

back to the crimes issue, people tend to act foolishly when they’re being pressured. they for go the consequences. they for go their human’s affections. they seek for the best and the easiest way out. if the economy were humble thinking is, chances for all this to happen might still exist but not as intense as now. crimes rate is the true and direct indications of how the economic situation’s like. it’s scary but it’s true!!

yes, I do agree that what person’s become is the result of his/her own act. no doubt about it. but down deep...there’s a reason of why he/she acted like that. the brains in the government can study this. the history has shown us...just look back for a while...have some picture of how’s the era of Umar Abdul Aziz looks like. we can definitely learn something.....wallahualam.