Wednesday, June 03, 2009

finding 'peace'...


it's final. the world most peaceful nation is New Zealand. why so? I believe because of so many things and one of it was the low crime rate. as Muslim it definitely caught me by surprise, they're not practicing Islamic fact the Muslim there were so tiny in numbers. I'm saying this not in the intention to downgrade Islamic law. for me 'Islamic law' is undeniably the BEST law for mankind. but its the man whose wrong-upholding it.

honestly, we should learn from them. they really make full-used of what they have. apparently, they believe in it and the've have faith in it. they seriously make it work for them. so now, there's the result. we shouldn't copy theirs, just how they work. that's it...we should fully utilized the one that we actually have. I believe and I've faith that what we have is far more greater, more beautiful and far more effective than theirs. the shitty part is we seem to forget this. we seem 'intentionally' try to ignore and try to forget this. may Allah have mercy on us!!

we'd read the success story of kalifah Umar Abdel Aziz's era and the eras beyond that. the era whereby they fully understand and fully-used the Islamic law. we know the Arabs were concluded with so many races (or 'puak') but still the caliph has succeed in uniting them and brought them into prosperity. again! hasn't we learn something? the history has told let's believe and have faith. wallahualam.