Sunday, November 15, 2009

the weekend session


it's been a one hectic but enjoyable weekend. brought my parent visiting one of the uncles upon his departure for pilgrimage. confirming the registration of my daughter for her Sekolah Agama. accompanying my other half - shopping for groceries, also my son for his sport’s day. done some 'cangkuling' for our back lawn. attended the 'makan-makan' at my other half’s officemate house. paying debts and bills thru online despite done with the first lesson of teaching the youngest on how to say 'Abah'.

after updating this blog, I might just sit back and watching AFC (Asian Food Channel). consequently, the weekend session will highly-likely end-up with me asking my other half to be the masseur, and after that to paste few 'koyok panas' onto all over my back. maaannn.....ages has definitely gobble-up my energetic-restless well-being. oh long I’m young at heart with good functioning brain, I’m still okay. furthermore, He still blessed me with the good health condition;...Alhamdulillah for that.

I know for many of you out there, there’s no special thing about my weekend session. but, being human these are all that I’m able to come out with. certain people ought to do less than this and for some, this seem so insufficient. it’s all up to you folks. it certainly depends to eyes of the beholder. as I said, for me 'being human'...or maybe, being 'normal-everyday human'. it also doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to do something extra-ordinary things. it just that I need to do 'simple things perfectly' first before I can reach at 'doing complicated things rightly' ...wallahualam.


Tirana said...

selamat beristirehat di hari minggu...Wah suka tengok Asian Food Channel rupanya..

Tie said...

Minat mencangkul ? Bagus tu, nanti boleh datang ke rumah atap biru Tie di Kelantan. Macam2 benda boleh tanam, hehe..

Yunus Badawi said...

tak kiralah apa yg kita lakukan yg penting kita dan org2 yg kita sayangi happy.

To me what you have done is quite an achievement!

zai said...

Lately..kak zai jarang kuar kemana2 during weekend sbb asyik hujan memanjang..lebih seronok lepak atas katil sambil menonton TV pastu mimpi dan berangan sampai berasap..hehehe

iqbalsyarie said...

salam ziarah bang~

ryann said...

selamat hadapi hari minggu yang seterusnya.

nahmy said...

gitule..bukan suka tgk je, mencuba masak pun suka gak

aduss..klu sekankang hamster bolele kak. sakit pinggang ooo..

pak YB..
thank you semua org pun biasa benda tu semua

berangan sampai berasap...atau terlalu berangan sampai masakan berasap...yg mana satu tu kak?

wa'alaikumsalam..sesama le kita berkunjungan

agi idup agi ngelaban..tau kot makna bahasa org asli ni?!!