Friday, April 18, 2008

living without food?


what would happen when the current food prices keep on escalating? we use to ignore any food’s price hike happened before this due to our hectic schedule of chasing wealth. we were busy with ICT, industrial and infrastructural development, promoting economic hubs, enhancing the technologies, 'building the future' so on and so forth. but now even the rich who use being so coupe-up with the Beemer, Merc, diamonds, Prada, Ferragamo, Louise Vitton, high-price vacations and hoarding assets and any other luxurious items are getting a little bit frenzied over the issue. we are talking about 'the food', the most fundamental element in Maslow’s Hierarchy. the fundamental ones but definitely the most important considering its being represent by the biggest portion of the pyramid.

another reason that crosses to my mind of why the concerns then were not as greater now is because the hike happens only for a short period of time. it doesn’t have any long-contagious disturbances and was only happen to selected-not-so-popular items. the affects are minor and merely not a deadly one. now, it’s a very different ball-game all together.

when the price of rice and wheat went berserk, we suddenly slightly tend to forget what were happening to the crude oil’s price. can you drive a half-a-million ringgit’s car with an empty stomach? do you have the strength? can you enjoy the good sound of music whilst another non-rhythmic sounds marches on inside the stomach? well, you tell me. things other than food are important but things called food undoubtedly more important than those, isn’t? in most areas in the world rice and wheat are their everyday-not-to-miss food. in fact, in some extreme cases they’re killing each other just to get a handful of wheat.

I personally believe we should give the economic activities in producing food a serious look. we should be focusing into this a long time ago…but its better late than nothing. everybody or every living creature needs food more than they need the personal computer or plasma TV or whatever. it’s not something that we can go with or without it. it’s not something that we like having it but it’s more on we 'must' have it! by that virtue, whatever measures taken by our lovely government regarding on improving the standard of producing and stocking food should be highly treasured. ultimately, we the people could also contribute some - maybe by teaching our kids of not to waste their meals, limiting amount of food taken or maybe involve in food-related business. perhaps it’s small now but believe me its absolutely something that are so enormous in value for our next generations….wallahualam.